Fans in Fuli by Nati

In Fuli, China, we painted fans. First, we practiced on a separate sheet of paper. We practiced a lot of things. The teacher taught us how to draw bamboo and trees with flowers on them. I drew the trees with flowers on them.

When we were ready to draw on the actual fan paper, we asked the teacher for a paper. When we were done with the painting, we gave it to the teacher to dry. Once everybody was done, we watched the teacher press the paper between two cardboard pieces, then he folded it and cut off the edges. Finally, he put the wooden sticks into the fans and then he glued the edges of the fan together. We could not open the fans till the next day because the glue needed to be dry when we opened the fans.

While we were painting a lot of people walked into the workshop to see what we were painting, and some people took pictures of us.


  1. You guys are doing such incredibly fun things!!! I love that you are actively participating and not just watching!!! Just so cool!!

    Miss you guys!!!

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