Best Foods and Drinks

Bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes), England

Toasted/Dipping Soldiers, England (toast cut into thin slices that you dip into soft-boiled eggs)

Passion fruit martini, Russel’s, Broadway, England

Mary Chocolate, Brussels

Turkish food at Ali Ocakbasi, Amsterdam

Crepes in the Netherlands and France–Lucy’s other new favorite food

Mocha milkshake in Laanijs, Alkmaar, Netherlands

Fresh stroopwaffles in the Netherlands

Speculoos cookie butter and ice cream!

Burritos at Machete restaurant, Innsbruck

Rat-tail flambé, Rattenfängerhaus (Rat-cacther’s house) Restaurant, Hamelin

Schneeballs (aka snowballs, a pastry with powdered sugar) in Rothenburg, Germany

Cremino (hazelnut and fudge) ice cream at Maleti, Lido, Venice

Pomegranate Drop cocktail, cruise

Pizza in Naples

Gyros in Santorini

Any pasta carbonara–Lucy’s new favorite food

La Carraia gelato, Florence

Chocolate-hazelnut chocolates in Italy

Veal with avocado and an incredible sauce, Trattoria Gargani, Florence

Chocolate-Nutella mini-muffins, Le Meridien, Barcelona

Hot chocolate, Spain

Curry, Japan

Mango juice at Owl Cafe, Tokyo

Eggplant I made in Yangshuo Cooking School, China

Mango lassi in Chung King Mansion in Hong Kong

Lemon fruit shake and mango shake in Moria Soria in Cambodia

Sunshine drink at Blue Pumpkin in Cambodia

Lady with a Cowboy Hat, as recommended by Anthony Bourdain, in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Siam Rice Cooking School in Chiang Mai

CE LA VI with the Durans in Singapore

Dumplings for breakfast in Australia

Lemon-flavored sugar cane juice in Australia

(Felix, I hope you have found your way here.)  This is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  My additional advice is to shape the dough into balls and wrap them individually in plastic wrap before you refrigerate them.


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