Things Left Behind (on purpose or not)

car seat, 6 pairs of shoes, a rain jacket, school workbooks, 5 towels, sweaters, pants, shirts, shampoo, conditioner, soaps and many random things accumulated along they way, left in Edinburgh as a final purge

earring, Nati

colored pencils, Nati

a huge bagful of clothing, mostly winter things, to get back into our 4 suitcases (We have been driving and managed to acquire small bags that don’t matter in the car, but from Paris to London, it’s a train, so time to rethink, purge, and repack.)

more random socks

Todd’s fleece, in Japan, on purpose

a souvenir pen from Dubrovnik (for Lucy’s collection!)

Lucy’s stuffed animal from the Ghibli Museum in Japan got lost on the cruise 😦

Natalie’s turquoise leggings

random socks

Nati’s long-sleeve dress

Todd and Nati’s rain jackets

Todd’s bathing suit (found!)

Natalie’s math workbook

hats and a dress (on purpose–a little purging)

rashguard, Lucy

earring, Lucy

earring, Nati

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