I’m 10! by Lucy


As the sun rose over Granada, Spain, on the morning of March 21, you could tell that the day would be special. But the sun didn’t wake me up. My mom did. “We’re going to the Alhambra today,” she said. It was true. That morning we saw the Alhambra, including a lookout tower, beautiful gardens, and a few palaces. Once kings, queens, and their families lived there. The designs on the roof and walls were pretty, and almost all of them were symmetrical. But to me, the best part of my birthday was that night.

We went to the Sacromonte that night, and we saw caves carved into mountains in which people live in.  We met Mohammed, who is a woodworker who makes beautiful designs with wood. His cave looked great and fun to live in. It had a new addition too: running water. My dad said he wouldn’t want to live in a cave because he would be afraid of it collapsing. Not me!

Dinner was at a place called La Porrona, and they made what my parents call “good paella.” Unfortunately, paella isn’t really my thing, so I had dessert instead. Our tour guide, who is named Ann, gave me some presents. It was two sets of castañuelas and a little mirror with a design from the Alhambra. The lady that works at La Porrona was a professional flamenco dancer, and she demonstrated how to use the castañuelas. “Click, click, click, clack” was the sound they made when she played them. She played them quickly. Then she gave me a small chocolate cake for dessert.

After dinner, we saw a dance of flamenco. There was a guitar player, a singer, and two dancers–a man and a woman. The woman danced madly. Her expression made her look angry and fierce. Her shoes tapped the floor in rhythm, and her hair flew whenever she jumped. Sometimes her peineta fell off. She hopped and stomped and twirled to the rhythm. Her shoes “click-clacked” when they hit the ground. She snapped her fingers a few times. The man did the same.

Then we went back to the hotel. I felt like a tired zombie. My birthday had been very fun. Yet I turned 10 at 11:46 pm, or 6:46 eastern time. I slept through it soundly. The next morning, I could sleep in as much as I wanted. Not that I did. I just woke up smiling. The first real day of being ten.

Since Lucy’s turned 10, we have added a few things on the site:


  1. Happy Birthday, Lucy! It looks like you have a spectacular time! Can’t wait to see you, and you can show us all how to use the castueñuelas…

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  2. Happy Birthday Lucy!! What an exciting day I love all of your posts, living in a cave sounds like fun! From a science point of view, think of all the neat creepy crawlies you can discover!!

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  3. Muchisimas felicidades Lucy!!! What a great birthday celebration. I loved seeing the pictures of the cave house and I too would not mind living in one!
    I hope you are enjoying your trip!
    Maite (your mom’s cousin)

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  4. ¡ Feliz cumpleaños Lucy ! Tarde pero seguro 😉 ¡ Me encantan las castañuelas que te regalaron. Tengo unas pero no sé usarlas. ¡ Ahora tengo quien me enseñe! El Flamenco es un baile muy apasionado. Me imagino a la bailaora taconeando fuerte con cara de furia. Cumpleaños #10 será inolvidable para tí. Gracias por compartir tus experiencias.

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  5. Double digits now, Lucy! A belated happy birthday to you (imagine singing🎸) The caves and their dwellers look fascinating and cozy too. Thank you for sharing the details of your special day.

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  6. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Lucy!! I know that you will never, ever forget turning 10 in Spain, while almost half way on your round-the-world trip!! Thanks for sharing how you spent your special day – no one can top this! xoxo

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  7. Happy belated birthday, Lucy!! You are a decade old!
    You are too funny in your post…’paella is not your thing!’ LOL
    The Alhambra gardens are SO pretty. We are missing you over here and can’t wait until you return.


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