Slugs, Bugs and No Rugs by Nati

In France we stayed in a tree house. We had to pack our backpacks with clothes because of the spiral steps leading to the tree house.  We weren’t able to take our suitcases.  When we arrived, we went to the reception desk and checked in. Then a woman gave us a ride to another reception area, we signed papers, and she handed us a backpack with water, trash bags for the “eco toilet,” lanterns and toilet paper.  Then she took us to our tree house.

We went up a spiral staircase and onto a wobbly bridge that brought us to the deck. There were two doors. The smaller door was the bathroom (which we never used because it had no running water), and the bigger door was the main room. In the main room, there were four beds and four lanterns. In the middle of the room, there was a tree trunk and two huge branches.

After we dropped off our stuff, we investigated the resort. We found two water slides, two playgrounds, a place for renting bikes and an indoor pool. There were lots of restaurants and bars, too.

When we returned to our tree house, we found out that our beds were wet because of a leak. So we went to the reception desk and asked for new sheets, blankets and pillows.

At night when we went back to our room, we saw several slugs and bugs.  Lucy stepped on something icky.  After that, I used my lantern to look at the floor carefully to not step on any bugs.  It got very, very dark, but I slept well.  When it was time for breakfast, people who work at the resort put a basket with bread and yogurt on a pulley, and we pulled it up. After breakfast, we had to walk a long time to the bathroom.  We stayed there for two nights.

My favorite part of the treehouse was the wobbly bridge.

Our first medical visit:

Lucy broke her front tooth on the bottom of a swimming pool.  We went to a dentist, and it is temporarily fixed.  We will head to the dentist asap when we get home.

Our latest updates:

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