Slugs, Bugs and Two Rugs by Lucy

Just to catch you up on our trip, we are now in Inverness to see the Loch Ness monster and the Highland Games. In other words, we have lived the yurt–phew! That’s what you will be reading about today. Be prepared! This article mentions dangerous items, such as Doug the Slug, daddy longlegs, and my sister Natalie (deep breath). This also mentions bats, playgrounds, and other things that you are sure to like. Just remember, I warned you!

Night 1: We waited for 10:15 pm to go bat-watching, and it still wasn’t totally dark out! Usually when a man says “darkness” you think 7:30.  We had our bat detector kit with us, which came with bat books and a device used to hear bats use sonar to find their prey. We heard three different species and saw a few bats. When we were done we went to bed. I wore my extra warm owl pajamas. Boy, it can get cold!

Night 2: Papa started a nice warm fire. We watched a movie called Mrs. Potter during which my mom paused to point out that there was a slug on the floor beside us.  We later named it Doug.  I like Mr. (Harry) Potter’s movies more, but we learned a lot about Beatrix Potter to prepare us for the next day.
Doug the Slug
Night 3: After going to a few Beatrix Potter attractions (like her home Hill Top, an art gallery with many original art works, and the World of Beatrix Potter, an attraction where scenes from her stories are recreated in 3-D ), we all have an appreciation for her. I bet she wouldn’t mind if there was a giant daddy longlegs sitting in the corner. My dad started a nice fire again.

Night 4: We have done Treetop Trek,  a ropes course with many treetop challenges, which was good, of course. It had an elevated skate board, a few ziplines, long wooden beams, and more. Then we did a three-hour hike, which was not as good, but it did very good views of the Lake Windermere. It also had sheep. My dad started another fire, and we went to sleep.

That was our last night in the yurt, but I didn’t tell you about our days in the campsite, because we spent most of our days away from the yurt. But there were two playgrounds. My sister Natalie (deep breath) and I played in those every day. There were also clouds in the sky. Along with that, we had late-night sun and early-morning sun which we enjoyed from a skylight on the roof.


  1. Windermere looked so tranquil, especially the lake!
    Beatriz Potter’s home and garden and attraction looked magical, just like her book characters:-)
    But…the Treetop Trek challenges looked s-o-o-o cool! I bet you girls had fun on the flying skateboard!
    How was sleeping in the yurt? Looks more interesting than a tent.
    Have fun on your last week of your amazing around-the-world adventure!!! Can’t wait to welcome you home!!


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