“Shear” Joy by Lucy

Recently, we spent a day at Tobruk Sheep Station. We learned about what it is like to be a stockman (cowboy) in Australia. The guide, Rod Cowdroy, showed us how to shear a sheep. The sheep, Baah-rbara, seemed to enjoy it. I learned how to crack a whip. Rod was good at it. I only cracked my whip once. We tasted damper with margarine and golden syrup. It tasted like cake without the frosting or the sprinkles.

I learned how to throw a boomerang. I am not very good at that, either. Once again, Rod was great at it and even caught his. Along with this, he showed us a woomera, a tool Aboriginies use to ward off evil spirits and call each other.

We watched him train a dog. The dog, Ned, wasn’t very obedient. His dad, Ted, was fully trained and could sell for up to AUD$10,000. Ted could herd 2,000 sheep. We watched Ted herd some sheep. He climbed on the sheep. The stockmen wear some strange things too, so check out my job, fashion, if you are interested.

A note from Victoria:
We have begun a new and exciting project called < 3, in which Lucy and Natalie showcase a special experience or location in “less than three” minutes.  Our pilot episode, <3:  The Sydney Opera House, has taught us a lot about filming, sound, lighting, and editing, and I am sure our future episodes will show continual improvements.

And if you haven’t already, you may want to take a look at our other pages which we have been slowly populating.  Natalie has been working on her treats and currency pages, and I have been “buying” everyone souvenirs.  The noon photos are also currently up to date, and Todd has a couple of signs up as well.



  1. Great piece on the Opera House, girls. It was very informative. I had no idea the roof was tiled. It is truly an architectural masterpiece! I hope I get to see it in person someday. Looking forward to more videos. The travel channel will be recruiting you girls in no time. G’day mates.
    Love, Carmen


  2. Lucy, This sounds like it was a great experience. I love hearing the different words that are used in other countries (damper = plain cake) . I am sure you will encounter more of that as you continue your travels. Have fun and keep trying new things! Mrs. Webster


  3. I wish I could taste the damper with margarine and golden syrup. Sounds like my kind of treat! Very interesting the tool Aborigines use to ward off evil spirits. Hopefully I will never need a woomera! We are celebrating Epiphany today. ¡ Feliz Dia de Los Reyes Magos !


  4. What a neat visit, Lucy. I would have loved to see you crap a whip and throw a boomerang! I bet you were better at it than you think. 😉
    P.S. Ned sounds like he is related to Bogart! Not very obedient!


  5. Hi Girls! I hear that Cricket is the national sport of Australia – Unfortunately, I know very little about it…have you seen any games?
    Have fun!
    Coach A.


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