Cuzco the Camel by Nati

In Ayers Rock we rode camels. My camel was named Cuzco, like the city in Peru. Lucy’s camel was named Stirlo. When the camels stood up it felt like a roller coaster. All of the camels were tied together in a train. Two of the camels were lazy and did not want to stand up. When it was Cuzco’s turn to stand, he made the lazy camels stand up. We rode the camels for 45 minutes. The ride was very bumpy. Going down the sand dunes was faster than going up the sand dunes. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventure!


Note from Victoria:
We have another < 3 from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, and Lucy has a new animal page as well.  More souvenirs, too.  Coming up:  a Tim-Tam Taste Test.

And a video of Cuzco the camel kneeling down, not-so-gently.


  1. Who was driving the motor home? If they still drive on the “wrong” side in Australia, navigating the roads there is an adventure in itself! Ann T


  2. Nati, I am very impressed! I have a bad history with camels. The Boise zoo got a new camel when I was a kid – I was SOOOO excited. All I wanted to do was paint a picture of the new camel when my art class went to the zoo. The Boise Zoo camel would not get close to the fence (so I could not see it very well) – but when he finally came close – he spit on me!!! I decided to paint the turtles instead. Turtles make great models- they don’t move very fast and they don’t spit!


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