In Our RV in Australia, a Poem by Lucy


In Our RV in Australia


I’m having a long car ride.

Like 40 hours long.

I think I’m getting car sick,

And something else is wrong.


There are chairs in the bathroom.

There’s a tabletop on my bed.

We are driving from inside our house.

We are driving on the left.


There are very tall mountains,

Which can be a little strange,

Especially when you’re from Florida,

A mountain-less kind of range.


The GPS has an accent,

But she tells us where to go.

“In forty meters turn left,” she says.

How on earth can she know?


I’m sorry to say this is all true,

From the inside of an RV.

Then we get to the campgrounds.

Phew!  We are finally free!


(Check out our < 3 on life in an RV, episode 3)


  1. Wow that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really liked your poem and I hope you have
    Lots of fun and don’t forget to look out for


  2. Awesome poem Lucy! I loved writing poetry when I was your age and with your world travels you will actually have interesting experiences to write about!!! xo, Ms. Kathy


  3. I can’t wait to share this with our class, Lucy! This is perfect timing, as we are practicing for our speech contest in February and are knee-deep in poetry.
    P.S. I’ve always wondered what it felt like to drive on the left. :/


  4. What a talent! How fun!! And now some silly questions for you Lucy! Why are there chairs in the bathroom? How are you going to drive to Singapore? They have delicious food and malls in Singapore! Enjoy and keep writing!


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