Super Duper Supertrees by Lucy

One night in Singapore, we went to Gardens by the Bay with our friends Rafael, Nicholas, Albi, and their parents. Gardens by the Bay is a place with many gardens. We were attracted to the Cloud Forest, a large glass building with a roaring waterfall in it.  The waterfall was gigantic!  Inside the Cloud Forest was a hollow man-made mountain with vines growing on it. It looked alive and real!  Inside the mountain was an elevator that took us to different levels. There was a walkway down the mountain with many plants along the way.  It was gorgeous!

Then we went to the Flower Dome, the largest glass greenhouse in the world. True to its name, it had flowers.  By flowers, I mean lots of flowers.  Flowers from all over the world. Ugly flowers and pretty flowers. Closed flowers and opened flowers.  Any flower you could wish for. Even stinky flowers. Lucky for Natalie there were also monkeys everywhere (fake ones) because it will be the year of the monkey in a couple of weeks. It was beautiful!

Finally, at 8:45pm we saw the Supertrees. The Supertrees are huge man-made trees with a concrete core and metal trellises on which plants grow. We watched a light show at the Supertree Grove. The Supertrees danced to music for 15 minutes! Lights of all colors whirled around them. The lights moved and created many shapes.  They flew around the branches above us. We were in a heaven of light!

After that we were really tired. We still hadn’t had dinner. Our eyes were hurting from all the lights. I was starving! Luckily, it was dinner time. We took an elevator to the top of the tallest Supertree. There was a restaurant called Indochine up there. The view was great, and my dinner was too! My experience at the Gardens at the Bay was superb!

More new content since out last post:
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Victoria:  new photos, new souvenirs
Todd:  new signs


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