Li River, a Poem by Lucy

Chinese fishermen with their birds
Waiting to catch fish

Feather-covered ducks sitting in the sunlight
Bobbing their little heads in the water

The jade water of the green river
Slowly flows down

Ginormous mountains and cliffs
Watch the world with wide eyes

Leaf-coated trees
Blanket the mountains

The lonely rocky shore
Longs for someone or something to play with

The little girl with eyes of hazel and brown hair
Looks and take photos of
Chinese fishermen and their birds
Of little ducks covered in feathers
Water of jade in the winding River
Ginormous mountains and cliffs
Trees blanketed in leafs
The rocky shore
That all stare back at her
With wide beckoning eyes
Each hoping in the jade, green water of the winding River of China
Li River

Note from Victoria:  We are having serious technical difficulties with the Great Firewall of China, so, although we have a lot to share, you may not here from us until we get to Japan.  I will keep trying, though.  We have managed to upload a new < 3 about Chinese New Year.


  1. Hi! My tour group went to Lucy’s Breakfast in Yang Shuo and by chance I saw a heart on the wall with the words “ I’m Lucy”. I decided to find your website, and here I am! It’s very cool this trip around the world you guys are taking. Enjoy the rest of it! – July 4th Claire Shiple

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