Two Fun Spots in Tokyo by Lucy

The Owl Café

In Tokyo, Japan, we went to a strange café. In the Owl Café it’s not only about the food. The mango juice was delicious. It is on the best food and drinks page (tap here to see best food and drinks). It was also a good place to warm up. But that was not the best part.

In another room were real, live owls, waiting for you to touch them and play with them. Some were big, like Bob and Wasabi. Some were small, like Schola. Some had heart-shaped, round faces, like Alto and Canon. Kukku didn’t want us to touch him. Although he was still a baby, Bob was the biggest. Papa carried him. I carried Schola, and Natalie chose Alto. Then, Mama carried Bob. The owls didn’t mind it if you patted their heads and stroked their soft feathers.

There are other animal cafés. Some are cat cafés. Others have dogs or rabbits. They all sound cute and cuddly, but I think owls are the most interesting. I enjoyed my time in the Owl Café.


Another restaurant we went to was Uobei. In Uobei we each had our own electronic menus, and submitted our order on a small screen. It was special because people never served you. The food was great, of course, but that wasn’t even the best part.

In front of us was not only a small screen for ordering, but three sets of tracks. There was a little door at end of the table, where food comes out on a platter that works like a train. “Zoom!” A tray with a box of apple juice zoomed out of the door. It stopped in front of Natalie. “Zoom!” Another box of apple juice went out after it, on another set of tracks. This one was for me. I pressed a button after I took my food off the tray to send it back to the kitchen.

Plates of food zoomed out of the kitchen. They stopped in front of different people. They were like mini trains, only they were trays with food. “Zoom!” Where was that tray going? It had rolls of rice and celery. “Whoosh!” A plate of french fries stopped in front of my mom. Yum! We had full stomachs when we left Uobei. I enjoyed Uobei and the Owl Café!

And take a look at our last < 3 from China:   < 3:  The Great Wall and Nati’s treat page, too.


  1. Good Morning, Lucy and Natalie, I am so-o-o enjoying your photos and the stories and reports of your adventures! You girls are amazing writers – I love all the details and descriptions! Are you going to Kyoto or some of the nearby towns around Tokyo? Are you visiting any of the temples?

    The photos of the owls are awesome! What fun – my favorite is the white one! I loved your Great Wall photos, too, and the food train at Uobei! How exciting!! I’m sure you are happy to have your grandparents there now. You can teach them all you’ve learned as seasoned travelers!

    Love to all of the Thiessen’s. We miss you at school, but know you are on the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy every minute!

    Mrs. Basáñez

    P.S. I started with good morning, because I am getting ready to go to bed now, while you are waking up on the other side of the world!!

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  2. So Lucy, I didn’t see your Grandma or Granddad hold
    an owl! That would have been something, yes? I have really enjoyed being a mouse in the corner and being a “part” of your trip. You are doing a remarkably good job covering so many topics and making everything so very interesting to all of us following along. Thank You. Dorothy…a friend of your grandparents.


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