Snow Monkeying Around by Nati

I was excited to see the snow monkeys in Japan.  There is another name for snow monkey.  It is Japanese macaque.  To see the snow monkeys we had to take a train to Nagano and walk another two km on a path that was covered by ice. Sometimes we saw monkeys on the path. The monkeys looked very cute and cuddly. Some big monkeys had babies on their backs. We saw the monkeys fight and go in a hot spring.  Only some monkeys like the hot water.  The ones that don’t, never go in. Snow monkeys are the only primate (except people) that live in such cold weather. I really liked seeing the monkeys, and I’m glad we got good pictures to share.

Also, check out my Pocky taste test.


  1. Nati, se que los monos son tus favoritos y estos macacos son bastante feos pero diferentes. Espero estés disfrutando tu viaje

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  2. Jojo too must be making many new friends on this trip🐒 especially in Japan and Gibraltar. I learn so much from reading your posts. Thank you for filling in with details!

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