Glad to Not Be a Gladiator by Nati

In Rome, we had a gladiator class.  First, we put on special robes.  Then a man whose Latin name was Glannicus lead us to a gladiator museum and explained about gladiators from different parts of the Roman Empire.  After the museum, we went to a small arena where Glannicus told us to warm up before we started. In the warm-up, we had to run around a tree, jump over a rope side to side, dodge swinging sand bags and do a somersault.  Then we had to lift sand bags and throw them around a circle to each other.  If one of us dropped it, all of us had to do push-ups.

When we were done with the warm up, Glannicus taught us some moves that the gladiators used to do with hands and with swords. After the lesson, he told us that we could fight with soft swords and shields. The first one to touch the other person eight times won.  First I played with Lucy, then I played with two other boys.  At the end of the class, we got a certificate with our Latin names. Mine was Nemesis.

After the gladiator school, we went on a tour of the Colosseum. On the tour, we learned that one type of gladiator that fought in the arena was called “scissors.” Scissors are a type of warrior that fought against warriors with nets. The scissors are called scissors because they have a cap on one of their hands that is used for cutting through nets.  They also had a knife in the other hand.

The gladiator school was fun and interesting. I really liked it, but I’m glad I’m not a gladiator.


  1. ¡ Creo que reconozco a mi Titi Mariuca en Italia! ¡ Qué bueno que compartieron! Me hubiese gustado mucho verla con uno de esos gladiadores forzudos. ¿ Cuál nombre llevaría? Hay que ponerle uno. 🙂

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  2. Great post! It sounds like Gladiator school is WAY more COOLER than PE classes. Did the Gladiator tell you that Nemesis or Pax-Nemesis was the patronness of gladiators back in the Roman times? You all must have been really great fighters…. What name was given to Lucy?

    By the way, great pictures, whoever is taking the photographs….

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  3. Wow! I won’t complain anymore about my warm-ups! The gladiators had it much worse. I loved reading your detailed article, Nati. You make a great newspaper reporter!! xo

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