Our Trip in Ruins

Our Trip in Ruins

It all started in Arles, France,
When much to our delight,
In the middle of our Van Gogh tour,
A coliseum came in sight.

In Rome, we walked and toured:
Arches, statues, columns galore.
We did want to see a few of them,
But we got so many more.

In Pompeii, we saw more clearly
Houses, stores and the public bath.
“Yes, they are lying in ruins,
But it’s better than doing math!”

Then to the island of Crete,
Where the minotaur had a maze.
“But where is it now, Mama?”
“It’s been gone for many days.”

Ephesus, Turkey, was amazing.
“Did you see that mosaic floor?”
“Yeah, yeah, and we saw walls, too,
But it’s become bit of a bore.”

“How long is this tour?”
“When will we be free?”
“Can I pet that cat?”
“Hey, stop touching me!”

The temples and the Parthenon
In Athens are now a mess.
They left us hungry for a gyro,
Plus, we bought a pretty dress.

To Olympia on the bus we went,
The site of the first Olympic game.
“The stadium was kind of neat,
But I wish I’d seen the flame.”

It seems that everywhere we go,
There are ruins all around.
We know we’ve learned a lot
About cultures that did abound.

The Romans were way too violent,
And the Greeks were kind of cool.
“Mama, can we please go swimming?
I think I saw a pool!”

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