The Hills Are Alive…by Lucy

In Salzburg, Austria, we learned about the von Trapp family, saw some of the spots in which the movie was filmed, and stayed at the von Trapp family’s house. The Villa von Trapp is the real house of the von Trapp family, which is now a bed and breakfast. The movie made it look grand, but it is not as enormous as the film made it seem. That is because the filmmakers used two other houses to represent the home of the von Trapp family.  One house (the Frohnburg Palace) was the front, the other (Leopoldskron) was used as the back. The inside of the house was movie magic. In other words, recreated in Hollywood.

The gazebo has another history. It was originally located in Leopoldskron.  The gazebo was too small to dance in, so in the movie, the outside of the gazebo is real, but the inside was recreated, slightly larger, in Hollywood.  The gazebo was moved from its original location, mainly because it had too many disturbing visitors.  It ended up in the park at Hellbrunn Palace, a public place where you can’t really disturb anyone.  That is where we saw it.

Camila in front of the gazebo

We also saw many other places used for filming, like the places where the children and Maria sing Do Re Mi in the Mirabell Gardens. We tried to take pictures of us in their poses. We saw the fountain that Maria splashed while she sang I Have Confidence in Me. We splashed it too. We saw Nonnberg Abbey, the place where Maria married the captain–the real one, not the one in the movie.  But the abbey was also used for several scenes in the movie, including the one at the gate when the children come looking for Maria.

Austria is at the foot at the alps. When we look at them, we try to guess which one the von Trapps have climbed. Actually, the von Trapp family escaped to Italy by train, and then took a boat to America. (They went through Ellis Island.) I cannot imagine anyone climbing over all the Alps. Our hotel manager told us that the movie was 40 percent real and 60 percent false. He says that Maria really did make clothes for the kids out of curtains. He also said that it was a priest that encouraged them to sing publicly.

IMG_3957I didn’t see raindrops on roses, and we really didn’t need warm woolen mittens. We didn’t see does, which are female deer, and we didn’t drink tea or sing ti.   However, Austria is now one of my favorite things, and it’s on my mind if I’m happy or sad.  So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

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  1. Lucy, I love this post! “The Sound of Music” is one of my favorite movies,. I have also visited Salzburg, and all the locations you mention from the movie. But the special part for me, is that I actually know members of the real Von Trapp family! Rupert, one of the seven children, grew up to become a doctor, and settled in Little Compton, RI, which is my hometown. He was the local doctor for many years. He passed away a few years ago, but one of his daughters still lives in the town, and from time to time I run into her when I am back in Little Compton on a visit to friends and family. Loved reading this! Much love, Ms. Robbin

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  2. This was so informative. I had no idea how much of the story was changed for the movie. Thanks for setting me straigt. It looks like you had lots of fun recreating some of the scenes from the movie. Mrs. Webster

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  3. Thank you, Lucy! What an experience to walk, run, jump and dance your way among the streets, fountains, and mountainsides where Maria and the children, the real and film family, did the same. Later you may enjoy reading Maria’s books. I enjoyed her Story of the Von Trapp Family Singers. And you are right, as I seethe beauty of Austria again it is still among my favorite things.

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  4. This looks and sounds amazing. Reminds me of our Bon Voyage party, except now I know the real story behind the movie!
    I am sure our class is jealous right now as they take their SATs.
    We miss you! Thank you for the chocolates…we can’t wait to receive them. :)))
    Mrs. G

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  5. ¡ Yo sabía que ese gazebo era muy pequeño para poder bailar en el ! Qué lugar tan hermoso para visitar y aprender sobre la familia Von Trapp.

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  6. Awesome post! I’m going out to find a white dress with a blue satin sash! Do you remember singing a lot of the movie songs while on the chairlift in McCall? I loved that!

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